Check Out These 6 Top Tips For A Safe Dental Office

You run a dental office or plan on opening one. However, you will want to make sure everything is in proper order, meaning it needs to be safe.

With that said, below are our top tips for a safe dental office.

1. Sterilize Your Equipment

You should sterilize all of your equipment, even the equipment you rarely use.

Whether you use certain tools all the time or once a week, you want to sterilize it. Keeping your tools and equipment sterilized will reduce the chances of contamination and reduce the odds of your patients getting sick.

Plus, if you use tools that have not been sterilized, then you could end up in serious trouble.

To be on the safe side, sterilize your equipment after it is used. Sterilize it at the start of the day and at the very end of the day.

It’s better to be safe than sorry, so sterilize your dental equipment and tools regularly.

2. Maintain A Dust-Free Environment

Keep dust at bay because it can quickly build up.

The more dust accumulates, the more difficult it can be to get rid of it all. The last thing someone wants to see is dust all over the reception desk or anywhere else in the office.

The main reason you want to maintain a dust-free environment is that dust can attract aerosol and bacteria. It can also cause breathing difficulties.

If a patient has severe allergies and they have a bad reaction to the dust in your dental office, then you could end up with a lawsuit on your hands.

3. Gloves

Another way to keep your dental office safe is to pay attention to where your gloves are coming from.

The gloves you’re using should be disposable because using a pair that were already used is a huge safety risk. Using gloves that have already been used can carry a host of germs and viruses, which can lead to your patients becoming sick.

Anyone who comes in contact with your patients should wear disposable gloves.

For example, if you employ a dental hygienist or assistant who comes in some sort of contact with patients, then make sure they are wearing disposable gloves.

You don’t want to put the health of your patients at risk.

4. Keep Objects Off The Floor

The busier your dental office gets, the easier it becomes to neglect small tasks, such as keeping all of the floors free of debris and objects.

For example, if the waiting room has magazines and kids toys to keep patients entertained, then those could end up on the floor when the room becomes busy.

This can create a safety hazard because someone could slip and fall on them.

Every morning, mid-afternoon and a few hours before closing it’s a good idea to do a quick walkthrough of the office.

Check for objects and debris on the floor and remove any that you find.

If a patient falls and injures themselves as a result of objects on the ground, you could be faced with serious legal action.

5. Train Employees

Train your employees in safety procedures and maintaining a clean work area.

If your employees implement basic safety and cleanliness tips, then this can go a long way in ensuring a safe dental office.

A good idea is to create a training video that consists of knowing where emergency exit doors are, how to keep the office and work area clean and things of that nature.

6. Dispose Of Waste Properly

The final tip is to dispose of waste properly because not doing so can result in fines, legal action and more.

It doesn’t matter what kind of waste it is, always make sure it is properly disposed of. This includes everything from pieces of cotton, syringes, disposable gloves and so forth.

In the training video you create for your staff, make sure to include a section that discusses disposing of waste properly.

Maintaining a safe dental office is crucial for your patients’ health and the health of your employees and visitors. Not maintaining a safe office can result in serious consequences, such as being sued.

If you do the above, then you’ll be doing yourself, your employees and patients a huge favor.