Top Risk Management Mistakes Dentists Make

Dentists often ignore risk management issues and that is what ruins their businesses.

You have to think about the short and long-term as a dentist and that has to include your approach to handling patients. Too many qualified dentists don’t view this as a top priority, which is why they end up in bad situations without a proper way out!

You want to stay ahead of these problems by avoiding simple risk management mistakes.

Here are the most common risk management mistakes an oral professional has to keep in mind as a dentist.

1) Ignoring Malpractice Concerns

You never want to ignore malpractice concerns because it is this type of behavior that gets in the way of your clinic’s success. You may end up putting yourself in a compromising position as a business and that is when things fall apart. Even the best dentists have these issues and it can happen at any time.

You want to be diligent and make sure to follow all the rules to the best of your ability while taking precautions. This is the only way to stay safe and on the right path as time goes on.

2) Avoiding Bad Bedside Manners

You don’t want to have bad bedside manners as a dentist because it will reflect on what people think about you. They want to be able to speak freely with their dentist and that means understanding you’re going to be there for them as a professional.

If not, they may start to nitpicking things that may have been overlooked in other situations or they may not be willing to work with you as much as they otherwise would.

This is what something as simple as your behavior makes a real difference in avoiding lawsuits.

3) Not Hiring a Risk Management Specialist

This is one of the smarter things a dentist can do and it should be a priority for professional clinics.

The premise of hiring a risk management specialist is making sure you are getting someone qualified to come in and take a look at where problems may lie.

They are going to have a fresh pair of trained eyes and that is going to make a difference in the end. They will know things you may not even have thought of!

4) Not Referring When Necessary

Referrals do matter and there are situations where you want to push the patient towards a doctor or another specialist. Not all dental issues are related to the teeth and this has to be kept in mind.

Don’t assume they will find a way to a specialist on their own! You want to give them a referral as that will ensure you have done your bit to keep them as healthy as possible.

4b) You Don’t Want EVERY Patient

This a tagged on point to number 4.

There is an old business adage that goes, “Not all money is good money.”

This same principle applies in dentistry. Not every patient who walks in through your door is a good patient. You should do your best to learn how to spot these people quickly and just as quickly refer them to another dentist.

The extra money isn’t worth the liability these patients bring.

5) Not Writing Proper Notes for Each Patient

You should always take notes and make sure to keep them saved on a hard drive. This is the only way to stay organized in case a lawsuit does pop up over the long-term.

These notes will end up saving you as a professional!

6) Not Following Up With Patients

Following up with patients is one of the most important things a dentist can do. In fact, it should be a part of the overall process as you don’t want a situation where their care isn’t as sufficient as it needs to be.

There are many situations where a simple follow up with the patient can show you are on top of your game and want what is best for them. This can alleviate some of the stress that can build up between patient and dentist if things don’t work out as intended.

By following up, you are showing a higher level of care and this is always a good idea.

Final Thoughts

These are the risk management mistakes dentists end up making and they can have a damaging impact on the clinic.

Too many people don’t think about risk management issues until it is too late and the business is dealing with a lawsuit. Stay out in front of these issues as much as you can, so things work out in your favor. This is the only way to go!